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An Introduction to the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence


In 2017, people use electronic devices more than ever. Each year more and more of these devices are connected to the internet. Almost everything we use in the digital age has wifi access including TV, phones, computers, video game consoles, some baby monitors, and much more. But have you ever stopped to think about this trend? In this article I want to talk to you about the internet of things.


The "Internet of Things" (IoT for short) is a phrase that you may have not heard of before. In simple terms, it is basically the act of connecting every day objects and gadgets to the internet. If there is something in your house, chances are it can be connected online (or will have the capability in the near future). For example, top of the line refrigerators have built-in touch screens with streaming services, news, nutrition advice, and more because of internet access. Some iot consulting firms can even rig up your entire house so you can control your AC/heat, water, televisions, security systems,etc remotely with your smartphone.


Also, things are not just "connected" these days, they are actually smart. A smartphone got that name for a good reason. This is due to a concept called "machine learning" that is a division of computer science where people specialize in creating devices with a sort of artificial intelligence that can adapt and learn. You probably have a virtual assistant on your phone that you can ask questions to. Obviously it is not programmed to answer every question imaginable, but it has been programmed to adapt, learn, and figure out the answers you need. There are even devices that can respond to your voice and allow you do shop online without ever getting off your couch. For more facts about machine learning, visit this website at https://www.britannica.com/technology/connectionism-artificial-intelligence.


As you may have noticed, artificial intelligence is important in businesses these days. Some products and artificial intelligence consulting firms are centered solely on this type of artificial intelligence. Other products simply use it as a part, such as smartphones. Many virtual assistants and call centers use this type of AI technology. If you find a company's website that does a "live chat," there is a good chance you are speaking to an artificial intelligence that has been programmed with certain answers and the ability to find out more.


If you have a business and want to take things to the next level, incorporating the internet is an obvious first step. If you search online you can find artificial intelligence consultants, machine learning consultants, or people who can simply explain the whole Internet of Things to you in more detail and help you figure out how to bring your business into the digital age.